‘It Took a While to Figure Shit Out’ – short film, designed, directed, animated by me. Full film here.

Head Start ‘Window of Opportunity’ – Directed by Matt Smithson at Curious Pictures. I did the character design, animation and soo Rao at Curious Pictures. I animated and composited this compositing. Full spot here.

X Games 2012 ‘Takeover’ – Directed by Buck. I animated that flaming hand!

Chilevision ‘La Verdad’ – Directed by Juan Delcan at Nola Pictures. Animation by me.

Dupont ‘Smartmeter’ – Directed by Tom Barham at Curious Pictures. I designed and composited this one.

USTA ‘Sophie’s Story’ – Directed by R

Google ‘Epic Google Docs Demo Slam’ – Directed by Tu+ at Google. We animated this one in Google docs’ powerpoint (I swear, we’re just that awesome). Full piece here.

The Sparkleman – What? You never felt like animating a weird little creature spewing glitter all over the place?

Smartmeter – “Strain” –  Directed by Matt Smithson at Curious Pictures.I animated this one. Full spot here.

Charter Communications – “Love” –  Directed by Matt Smithson at Curious Pictures. Animation, character design (see full commercial here)

Baby Bottle Pop – Directed by Ro Rao at Curious Pictures.  I did the animation, character design.

Weis ‘Valentine’s Day’ – Directed by Juan Delcan at Nola Pictures. I animated and composited this one.

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap – My award winning short. This one’s all me. Full film here.

 Stress Baal – iPhone app in development by my game company Double Flawless. All mine!

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