Fantaisie in Bubblewrap

I finished this film in August 2007. Directed, animated and voiced by me, Arthur Metcalf, with my brother Sam manning the camera, it was my first film and was made for my friends. Some of them (Pat Smith and Bill Plympton) happened to be big deals in the animation community and recommended I do more with it than stick it online. I followed their advice and went the festival route getting a couple of trophies* and some distribution (Europeans get to watch cartoons on TV! But you Americans can get McSweeney's Wholphin (holy shit, Spike Jonze's Dave Eggers saw my film!?!). Anyways, after a bit of a wait, Youtube has given me the fantastic opportunity to debut Bubblewrap online in their Screening Room. I hope you like it. Metcalf loves you. * Indie Memphis Film Festival Winner - Audience Award for a Short Film - Couchfest Film Festival Winner - Silver Couch Award - Hi Mom! Film Festival Winner - Funniest of the Fest -Association International de Film d’Animation (ASIFA-East) Film Festival Winner - Best in Show - BeFilm: The Tribeca Underground Film Festival Winner - 2nd Place Award for Animation - Alice Radio 3-Minute Film Festival Winner - Best Animation - San Francisco Indpendent Film Festival Winner - Audience Award for Animation - First Sundays Comedy Shorts - November 2007 Winner - Audience Award - Woodstock Film Festival 2007 Winner - Maverick Award for Best Animation

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  2. Kelso

    hey there!
    Brittany House is my bestie…
    She made me watch this…
    Nice going, very clever, cute and morbid.

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