Block in

A tighter drawing.

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Saturday morning

Until yesterday, I don’t think I had ever gotten a headache from laughing. Sore stomach, tears, sure, but never a headache from apparent oxygen deprivation. But yesterday, the funniest book in the world, Absurdistan by my reckoning, was surpassed… Nay, demolished by Dan Ryckert’s ‘Air Force Gator.’ It’s about an alcoholic alligator who is the Air Force’s greatest asset. You should go buy it now. I just ordered a dozen more copies which, along with a half dozen or so copies of ‘Four Hour Chef’ takes care of my Christmas shopping.

Anyways, I’m now finding out if anything Tony Curanaj taught me at the Grand Central Academy stuck as I begin to try to paint a portrait worthy of Air Force Gator. First sketch above. I am going to post WIP images as I try to brute force this thing to a Dave Rapoza level of finish.

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It Took a While to Figure Shit Out


Hi world! I posted it a week ago, but forgot to blog it here. My latest film, ‘It Took a While to Figure Shit Out,’ is on Vimeo. Go take a gander.  I intend to post some sort of making of things/photoshop animation tutorials soon enough (I’ve seen a lot of professionals doing it in an absurdly difficult manner, it’s really not hard). But for now, enjoy!

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Down to the Bone on Reel 13

My little buddy, Peter Ahern, is in this Reel 13 thing to get his short film on PBS here in NYC. His film, Down to the Bone, is genuinely funny and great. It takes seconds to go vote for him! GO! GO! GO!

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Toodling around on ffffound recently…

Saw more ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ and assorted weak variations so I made my own.

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