So, I got to work on a nifty thing for GOOGLE. Yeah, they’re totes awesome even though they may * be developing Skynet. Tu+ “I like bagels” Uthaisri designed it and directed me and Nam “Braveheart” Doan. We animated this thing in Google Docs which was NIFTY cause I did a lot of it in my pajamas. Nam did the first third and Tu did the last, I got to be the meat in our awesome sandwich. You can play it above, but click through and watch it on youtube in HD.


Q) You fucking liar! You did that in After Effects or something and imported it or whatever.

A) That’s not a question. And fuck you for doubting us. We did it completely and totally in Google docs’ version of powerpoint, no cheating.

Q) Really?

A) Really.

Q) Hunh.

A) Yeah.

Q) How ’bout that Google?

A) Pretty bitchin’.

Q) Yeah?

A) Amazing cafeteria.

Q) No shit?

A) No shit.


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