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Fusion Dance Disco Baal!

I made this to celebrate Stress Baal’s availability in Amazon’s app store. Also, to animate kamehamehas.

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Coined a word this morning.

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Again with the bullshit.

Finished a film, made some commercials, pitched some shows. But instead of any of those y’know “achievements,”  more animals making weird noises for your phone. Download, unzip, drag to itunes, sync phone.

The porkupumkine: Porkupumpkine.m4r

And the no no cat: No Cat.m4r

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More ringtones

I should really be updating this blog more often with the good shit I’m doing, like the game I made or the film I’m finishing, but no. Instead, here are new iphone ringtones ganked from the natural world. Just download and drag the .m4r file into itunes.

For starters, a better turtle sex noise ringtone than the one I previously shared. Turtle.m4r

And in case you don’t want the sounds of reptilian fuck bliss emanating from your pocket, the Desert Frog. Desert Frog.m4r

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Goat Ringtones

My pal Julia Pott shared this magnificence yesterday. Any animal that nearly makes me puke from laughing deserves further immortality in ringtone form. This zip file contains both iphone and mp3 versions (for Android and Blackberry) of ten different goats. For iphone, just drag the ringtones into itunes and sync your phone. The one I’ve dubbed Helen is my personal favorite. Enjoy!

And, in case you missed it. I have previously posted a ringtone of a turtle’s real sex noises.


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