Producers! I’m available to direct or animate a commercial for you. I live in Austin, TX but I’m a one man band, concept to final render. Dropbox makes it easy for most of my work to still go through NYC, LA, or London. Hit me up at

Everyone else! All current work goes up on my tumblr,

I’m arthurmetcalf on vimeo.

metcalflovesyou on youtube.

@metcalflovesyou on twitter.

metcalflovesyou on deviantart.

And if you’ve got any interest in this whole livestreaming thing, I’m going to start that soon. Livestreaming myself animating, answering questions on the Metcalf Loves You livestream channel. Follow on tumblr or twitter for the announcements about that.

My game, Stress Baal is now available for free in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.